CSCS course “Getting the best out of multi-core” available on video

The course “Getting the best out of multi-core” held at CSCS in Lugano on December 10-12, 2012 is now available on video » . There were 20 participants for the three-day hands-on oriented course to show how to get the most out of Intel Sandy Bridge and AMD Interlagos processors by investigating the following:

  • Code vectorization
    • Understanding processor architecture and the potential speedup from vectorization
    • Using compiler feedback to understand where vectorization is and is not achieved
    • Using compiler feedback, compiler options and pragmas to improve vectorization
  • Tuning for the cache hierarchy
    • Understanding the cache and memory hierarchy on modern multi-core processors
    • Analysing performance reports to determine poor cache utilisation
    • Code changes and compiler options to improve cache utilisation
  • Multi-threading
    • An example of a threading model – OpenMP
    • Use of tools to help produce multi-threaded code
    • Understanding of threading pitfalls that affect code correctness
    • Understanding of threading performance issues on multi-socket multi-core nodes

The material of the courses held at CSCS is available also on CSCS user portal ».


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